UTL Rules of Play ©
Created by: Don Tran
Updated: September 18th, 2019

UTL started over ten years ago as an underground water confidence training activity on Marine Corps bases, and has been refined safely and smartly over the last decade to bring the best game forward.

● The object of the game is to move the torpedo underwater and place the torpedo in the goal area without committing a foul. Each game consists of three matches. Each match is played with a point scoring round that are played to five points per match. The team that reaches five points first wins the match. The team that wins two of the three matches wins the game. [Gameplay Footage] [Pass Off & Score]

● The time in between matches is 30 secs from the point that all players reach their appropriate pool wall. [Break Time In Between Matches]

● Teams are allowed (2) 1:00 min Time-outs per match. Time-outs are exactly 1 min and can only be taken and must be called during the Break Time period between matches, it can be used in addition to the Break Time. [Time Outs]

● Games will begin with the torpedo in the middle of the pool. Once a goal is made, the scoring team will throw off to the opposing team for the remainder of the round. The opposite team will receive the throw-off during the next round. [Game Start]

● If the torpedo is thrown out of bounds at throw-off, 1 re-throw is permitted, if it is thrown out again, it will result in a penalty drop in front of the receiving team's goal. [Throw Off & Out of Bounds Throw Off]

● You may move the torpedo by swimming with it, handing it off, or by passing it to another team member while submerged, however the torpedo must remain underwater once throw-off is initiated. [Pass Off & Score]

● A score is made once the torpedo is deposited in the goal either by placing or throwing the torpedo into the goal. [Score]

● The player in control of the torpedo may be tackled, but the tackler must keep the torpedo in view and immediately release the player when they are no longer in possession of the torpedo. [Pass Off & Scrimmage]

● If a player surfaces any part of his body with the torpedo, it will result in a penalty. The team that is not in violation will receive a penalty drop and start the play over with the advantage. Pushing the player with possession of the torpedo to the surface may only be permitted by one player of the opposing team. If two or more players from the opposing team pushes the possession player to the surface, it will result in a penalty drop for the non-violating team. [Push to Surface] [Penalty Drop]

● After each throw-off, a minimum of at least one pass must occur before a player from the receiving team can score. [Minimum Pass]

● No foul play is allowed: no kicking, punching, choking, single limb submissions, mask/goggles ripping, or pulling of any article of swimwear. Foul play will result in a penalty and penalty drop against the offending player. Three violations from an individual player during one full game will result in ejection from the game. [Foul Play]

● Tackling, pulling, holding back, and grappling is only allowed on players in possession of the torpedo. Tackling or grappling players without the torpedo will be considered Foul Play. Foul play will result in a penalty and penalty drop against the offending player. [Foul Play]

● Each game must be under the supervision of a trained and certified UTL Referee. Championship matches call for double referees, one on each opposing side of the deep end. [Referee]